Join Us & Grow Your Business on the Web

Build, maintain and promote your WordPress website and grow your businesses online

Internet Business Education

Learn Online

Join us for Websites 101, plus advanced classes when you are ready for them.

It's not just about websites - we provide guidance on all aspects of managing a business online, getting an offline business online and promoting your business once you are online.

We even teach you how to run your own courses online.

There is so much you can safely and easily do for yourself, with us showing you how.

HelpDesk Support

We teach you, but understand that sometimes you have neither the time or inclination to convert those lessons into action.

You may run into problems when working on your website. You may experience problems with a software update. You may find your site has been hacked.

You may just decide that your time is better spent serving your own customers.

Our HelpDesk Support is here to help.

Hosting & Security

Our top level package provides VPS, UK based, Cloud Hosting for WordPress sites. It is super fast and has generous quotas.

We attend to everything technical.

We provide training videos so help is at your finger tips.

Our top package includes a Datadeck - a single web page showing all of the key metrics for your website and marketing efforts, so you know what is working - and what isn't.

You Have Questions & We Have Answers


There is so much I could do to promote my business on the Web.....Where do I start?


There are so many social media sites...which is the best one for my business?


What's the best way to manage, promote & run my business online?


People tell me WordPress can do just about anything....but how?

It's difficult to find good technical support at an affordable price, which is why we have created a learning AND support package for those who want to know help is available when they need it.

There are 4 Ways to Join Us:

Learning Lunches

We run regular and helpful webinars & workshops called 'Learning Lunches',  to help you manage your WordPress website and promote your business through online marketing. 

Register to join us, but don't worry if you can't make the live session, as you'll receive a link to the recording to watch at your leisure.

Learning Lunches are FREE to join


Our training library offers courses designed to help you do all the things you know you should be doing.

A new course is added each month and members can request and vote on training subjects.

Our training courses often take the subject matter of our Learning Lunches to provide step by step instructions on how to implement what you are learning.

Training & Support

In addition to the Training Library, members have access to Technical Support via our expert HelpDesk. 

The membership includes 30 minutes of support (we can get a lot done in 30 minutes!) and offers additional support time at discounted rates, if required.

If you are sometimes challenged by the technical side of implementing ideas on your website, this is ideal for you.

Add Hosting Too

At this level you have Learning Lunches, access to the full Training Library, Technical Support via our expert Helpdesk and we add our technical package* too.

* Includes hosting, security, software updates, backups (and restores should the worst happen), uptime monitoring, Business Management Datadeck and peace of mind.