Learning Lunches

We know how much information there is available today, but information is not enough unless you are able to translate it into action. Reading e-books, taking courses and watching YouTube videos will not make a jot of difference UNLESS you then implement what you have learned.

Each month we offer a 'Learning Lunch', a webinar or workshop designed to teach you the best way of doing something either with your WordPress website or to market your business online. You'll leave each event with a plan of action that will take you, your website and your business forward.

Our webinars are offered free of charge - you just have to register to attend.

Our Next Learning Lunch

How to Use Email Marketing without being a Spammer

On November 15th at 12 noon (GMT) we are going to be looking at email marketing - and how to do it effectively, without being a spammer. (Register for the live event and you'll also be sent access to the recording)

We all know everyone is sick of receiving spam email that offers little or no value. That’s what gives email marketing a bad name.

Our webinar is going to show you the very best way of getting your email marketing set up and help you to plan an effective email marketing campaign, one that won't be marked as spam.

We know everyone talks about social media and how these sites represent the “holy grail” of marketing. Our assertion is that good and valuable email marketing campaigns trump social media activity every time.

Let us explain why

A YouGov Survey recently concluded that social media presence and participation doesn’t lead to an increase in trust or sales ( https://pbiz.me/NnPTDl ) .  It's an interesting article and worth the read.

Does this mean your hours on Facebook are wasted? Perhaps, it depends what you are posting! Using social media as a channel to direct readers to a relevant page on your website and, once there, encouraging them to sign up for your mailing list, is time well spent!

If you want your website visitors to buy your products or services (or simply become raving fans), you must build relationships over time. Email marketing is still the best way to do that.

Email marketing consistently trumps social media when it comes to influencing reader behaviour. It trumps blogs too, but this doesn’t mean you should not be blogging for your business!

Why is this so?

Well for one thing, email is intimate, private and personal.

Your readers are used to receiving email messages from friends and colleagues and when you send useful, informative and valuable information via email you too can become a friend or colleague. When you take time to properly craft your emails, your recipients will welcome them.

Secondly, there is more of a sense of urgency about email. When we are short on time we don’t visit Twitter or Facebook or whatever our preferred social media platform might be, but we do check email.

Thirdly, an awful lot of people now check email on their phones and devices. You have access to them 24/7.

Fourthly, if you start using email well, you will be in a minority. Most email offers nothing in the way of value. If you make yours interesting, informative and valuable you will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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Ready to learn how to set up an email marketing campaign that will grow your sales?

Join us on November 15th 2017 at 12 noon (GMT).

All registrants will receive access to the recording